Back when AAW games was Adventure A Week – or, before technically – I pitched them a simple low-level adventure: Under His Skin. The premise was simple: the players go into an eccentric wizards tower because he disappeared. But mechanically, I wanted to do something weird.

In 3rd edition fantasy, there’s an epic-level monster called a worm that walks. It’s like a lich, but even harder to kill and with a bunch of built in resistances and powers . In Pathfinder, however, it’s a template that only adds a few levels. And I wanted to throw this until-recently epic monster at 1st level heroes.

The resulting adventure was great. There was some exploration, a short dungeon, a simple plot.. and a lot of fun.

In the years since, AAW has converted this adventure to just about every format and system possible, from fantasy grounds to 5th edition fantasy. And I wish I could take credit for those later versions like I did the Pathfinder and 3rd edition ones, but I have to give credit for them to the AAW team, instead. They did a good job with the adventure.

You can find Under His Skin on the Paizo Page here. It has a 4/5 star rating, which I’m happy with, being some of my earlier work.


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