Ah, to overshoot.

By this time in it’s life, AAW had realized they needed to slim down their adventures a little. 20 and 30 thousand words an adventure was great, but it wasn’t sustainable weekly – they were too expensive to make and people wouldn’t buy them often enough. So, when I wrote this adventure, I had a much lower wordcount than normal.

Above that, I also had to include full statblocks of everything in both pathfinder and 3.5e. For a mid-high level adventure, though, that means each statblock eats up a thousand words.

The basic plot is that in this port city, people have begun to disappear. The mayor is paranoid that means they’ll be next – though the paranoia turns out to be justified, as it actually turned out that someone was hunting agents of a naga that was nesting under the city – agents like the mayor himself. The PCs are roped into stopping the naga – and have to delve under the city to find a maze full of traps hidden in the sewer.

I still don’t think it was a bad concept, but as the 2/5 star rating will tell you, I didn’t do it justice. I blame the biggest failing on my not managing my wordcount well, and rather that do something like cut the essentially-unnecessary air elemental encounter, I tried to squeeze everything in. And so you get a big, sloppy adventure rather than a small polished one.

You can find the adventure on Paizo, here.


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