Just over two years ago now, Mike Myler, who I met while working on Rise of the Drow, asked if I wanted to work with him on one of his big projects: publishing his home campaign setting of Veranthea.  I was a little hesitant at first, never having worked on something so ambitious, and with Rise of the Drow being the only Kickstarter I had ever been involved in (where I was a stretch goal and didn’t give it much concern until my tier was met), here I’d be in on the ground floor.

We met in person at Paizocon 2014, Mike showed me all his campaign notes from years of running a series of complex home games. I made a few comments, but I eventually agreed. We started work on it together not long after, (Mike) recruited a bunch of great people and (Mike) laid out the plan and (Mike) wrote about a third of the book. I think, it’s the smallest amount of one of his big projects he’s worked on since.

Anyways, on this project, I was the editor, creative consultant, assistant to everything for Mike, and also wrote the western-meets-cthulu-underground Forever Dark. We have since started referring to one another as Myler and McCarthy in our notes because two people wanting to sign things “mike” screws up everyone.

Our Kickstarter funded, and we published with Rogue Genius Games. The final project was waaaaaay over expected pagecount (383 of our expected 300 pages, I think) and were ultimately rewarded with a five star review.

In later projects, both Mike and I stay a little more restrained. 😉

You can find the Veranthea Codex on Paizo here.

I have a hard copy on my shelf, right next to my NPC Codex, where just as Mike originally predicted, I use it all the time for the existing builds of advanced class guide characters.


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