On September 1st, 2015, we launched the kickstarter for Hypercorps 2099: a futuristic cyberpunk superhero Pathfinder setting that takes a lot of influence from Shadowrun and aimed to provide a slightly more balanced alternative to Paizo’s Mythic rules.

We funded in only 20 days – which was pretty nice, all things considering – and got to work with a slightly different team than the Veranthea Codex. Things went a lot smoother on most fronts than last time: we had lots of art on hand, we got things written way ahead of schedule, we got things balanced well, and we got a very positive reception from the community.

We even managed to stay reasonably close to budget and wordcount, which I think the publisher (Legendary Games) appreciated. Because more material is always nice, it tends to be much more expensive, too.

In addition to being one of the editors on the project, I wrote a bunch of NPCs, a bunch of gear, and the Hypercorporate Hypercity of Lucrum – a formerly flying (now swimming) corporate utopia halfway between Paranoia and Shadowrun. It’s one of the favorite settings I’ve built.

I also have to say that I think hyper is one of the best rule systems I’ve worked on. It looks and feels a lot like mythic, but the survivability is a little bit lower: which made it a lot more interesting to play than higher powered systems where you can often just come back from the dead with no more trouble than if you had fallen asleep.

Hypercorps also had a  5e release, but I didn’t work on that except that some of the things I wrote were converted over.

The Pathfinder version so far has one 5-star review, and even made it onto the front-page of Paizo’s blog. As a fun fact, the characters on the cover are modelled after the four main authors of the book: Mike Myler, Luis Loza, Savannah Broadway, and yours truly. Which means our faces were on the cover of the paizo blog for a day, which is awesome.


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