In November 2013, I saw (well, because I was forwarded, by a friend) a post by a small gaming company called BRW Games, a post looking for someone to convert content from 1e fantasy to Pathfinder.

I answered the call, and was introduced to the Castle of the Mad Archmage – a gigantic 1e megadungeon. I agreed to convert all hundred and fifty or so pages of it to Pathfinder, and got to work.

It took me two months, and in the process I learned a lot about 1e (I was only passingly familiar to begin with) and alongside a dozen new monsters and as many full-page maps (each of which would be more comfortable as four pages of maps) the project was complete.

Despite having three five-star ratings on RPGNow, It didn’t do particularly well – and while I’m not an expert in the field, there are a few things that don’t help.

First, It’s not available on It’s a minor thing, but not having something for sale on the primary site for that product can’t help you.

It also still feels like a 1e product. While all the mechanics work for pathfinder now, there are easily a hundred rooms to the effect of “there is a a monster here”. and that’s all. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this approach, but it isn’t what Pathfinder players are looking for. They want “this room is a run-down bedroom… the monster here is waiting for his moment to betray his boss in room X”

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