You know, speaking of Crisis of the World Eater, I can’t wait to see how people like it.

In February 2016, LPJ design kickstarted Crisis of the World Eater, and the project went really, really well. Indeed, we reached our 3000$ funding goal in only 13 hours! By the end, we raised just ove3r 400% of our goal, which was fantastic.

And while the adventures haven’t quite been released to the public yet, they’re getting closer by the day. The core adventures are all written, edited, and almost entirely laid out.

In fact, the entirety of the adventure serial had been written before the Kickstarter had even launched, which I think helped a lot. The fact that it was a superhero themed adventure path helped too. Using the Ultimate Galactus story arc as inspiration really told people the feeling we were going for in the campaign.

We also had a prequel adventure ready to give people for free during the Kickstarter, and boy it was a good one. A Warning Too Late (available on driveThruRPG here, where it was rated 5/5 stars + engzeitgeist seal) begins with a world-shaking psychic scream claiming the world is about to end. The Confederated Nations, the most powerful empire in the world, looks around shiftily and tells a strike force – the party – to look into it.

It turns out, years before, an alien had crash-landed, but rather than waking it up or trying to help, the Confederated Nations tried to use its advanced technology to create super soldiers. Which… didn’t really work out. The project, and the complex where the experiements took place, where abandoned and the place was quarantined.

Until the PCs arrive, and find that not only has the place been reclaimed by ratfolk scavengers, but also by three very powerful survivors of those experiments, and  an advance party for a group that will dog the PCs through the whole campaign: the Onyx Cabal.

But more importantly, they meet the source of the scream, the Chronicler, who tells the party that Saitan the Destroyer was coming, bringing with her the end of this world.


But I’ll discuss that more when the campaign is actually available

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