After we finished working on Hypercorps 2099, we wanted to try something different. While there was some discussion on a variety of things we could have done, but in the end we decided on a novel. And for everyone to be involved, both authors and characters, the novel would be a single story split between the perspectives of a wide cast of characters.

The book was split into fifteen chapters told collectively by ten narrators, written by four authors – one of whom was me.

I wrote chapter 9, where a group of undead hunters try to assassinate Dracula, and chapter 12, where the main characters break into the Vatican to steal the pope’s power armor. I was also going to do the editing, but life got in the way and I had to let that go.

And, as a promotion for the setting and the novel, all of the authors cosplayed as our characters in the book – myself as the enigmatic Corruption – at Paizocon 2016. It was a blast and if nothing else by blank white eyes made an impression on people.

It hasn’t been reviewed at the time of this posting, but you can find it on Paizo’s store, here.


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