In August 2013, I got my first gig writing for Paizo: writing monsters for the Mummy’s Mask adventure path.

Firstly, I have to thank Amber Scott for encouraging me to reach out and ask for work. I met her on (then DNDOnlineGames) and until relatively recently didn’t know how much she actually did in the industry (turns out, it’s a lot). That lead me to talking to Adam Daigle, who is also awesome, and my writing monsters for Mummy’s Mask.

Paizo did a lot of things differently than other companies I’d worked for. Contracts, spreadsheets, style guide, the works. There’s a reason they’re one of the titans of the industry. Or maybe it’s a side effect.

I really enjoyed writing for Adam, he assigned me some interesting creatures. Desert Vermin appeared in the Half Dead City (and the assassin bug later reappeared in Bestiary 5), while the Sun Falcon appeared in Shifting Sands.

Neither of them got individually rated, and the monsters never really get mentioned in the reviews, but I was very happy with them in the end, which is what’s important, right?

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