In September of 2014, I got another writing job with Paizo. There’s way too much time between these jobs for my liking, but I’d been busy enough elsewhere that I hadn’t been pushing as hard as I could, or should, have been.

Once again, I was designing monsters for Adam Daigle, but unlike my first assignment, I was asked to pitch monsters to him. Out of a list of 10, Adam ordered three (and liked two others, but they were too similar to existing stuff) – I’ve heard that’s a pretty good acceptance rate from the master of monsters.

The three monsters that got accepted were the Galsoptera: a dragonfly-like fey who hold elaborate courts in the eaves of human houses; the Magadaz Devil, who account for Mammon’s court after being born from the souls of crooked gamblers and bookkeepers; and the Procyal Agathon, racoon-faced outsiders who bend what it means to be chaotic by providing maxims for every situation and keeping the mighty humble.

As with all the writing I’ve done for Paizo, it was a lot of great work – and I even later discovered that the Magadaz ended up on some of the promotional phamplets for the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path! It was really awesome seeing something I created being used to promote something as big as a Paizo AP in my local game store. Especially for the AP that included issue #100.

These guys ended up appearing in issues 97 (In Hell’s Bright Shadow) and 99 (Dance of the Damned) – two very excellent modules.

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