Since I haven’t worked on an infinite number of projects, I can’t talk about my past work forever. Instead, I’m going to begin offering some game content for you lovely folks – beginning today with the introduction of Fantastic Feat Thursday! You might think Fantastic Feats are better on a day beginning with F, but the truth is that they’re good any day of the week.

Angel (and Devil) on Your Shoulder

While nearly everyone has a conscience, yours is more literal than most – you hear the voices of the outer planes in your mind, typically an angel and a devil, who appear to you to encourage your actions.

Benefit Whenever you are presented with an opportunity to take a good or evil action, these voices immediately identify it as such. In addition, whenever presented with a course of action that would inadvertently lead to a good or evil action, you can identify that the action will be good or evil overall with a DC 15 Sense Motive check by interpreting the discourse between the angel and devil.

These voices are purely mental, and inaudible to other creatures attempting to hear them – though they are immediately obvious to someone reading your surface thoughts or speaking to you telepathically.

Finally, whenever you take the advice of the angel or the devil to take a good or evil action, your aura becomes faintly good or evil for a number of minutes equal to your hit dice, suppressing any normal aura you have.

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