Summoning Shoulders

The angel and devil on your shoulder always whisper in your ear, but occasionally they also appear to you tangibly.

Prerequisite Angel on Your Shoulder

Benefit Up to once per day, when you are presented with a choice between good or evil, you can call upon the angel and devil on your shoulder to physically appear to you. They appear as Tiny versions of yourself, but with angelic or devilish features, and float over your shoulders to influence you and your allies.

In addition to attempting to sway your decision, the angel will offer to cast aid on you or one of your allies (or potentially greater to evil characters or in exceptional cases), and the devil will always attempt to offer you a greater benefit than the angel, typically offering bless (or greater, if the opportunity merits it). In either case, you gain access to the boon only after or while you are taking that creature’s advice.

Though they appear to be physical, and can manipulate objects weighing up to 5 lbs., striking either cause both to dissipate in a cloud of harmless smoke – leaving only their disembodied voices.

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