I’ve recently been accused of lighting too many of my players on fire. But it’s not always me – players and GMs alike are always setting things on fire.

Stoke the Fire

You love watching things burn, and always keep some accelerant on hand in order to stoke the flames.

Prerequisite craft (alchemy) 1 rank

As an immediate action once per day, when a creature or object within 10 feet takes fire damage you add a splash of chemicals to the flames, and either extend their duration or increase their intensity.

By adding a slurry of tar and fuel to the fire, you can choose to increase the duration of an effect that does ongoing fire damage, such as alchemists fire, by one round. This slurry also increases the DC to put the flames out before the end of the duration by 2.

By adding a flash of powdered explosive, you can increase the heat (and change the color) of the flames. This powder burns quickly and very hot, increasing the fire damage by 3 plus the number of ranks you have in craft alchemy.

Special you can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, the duration you increase ongoing fire effects by increases by 1 round, and the increased fire damage increases by half the ranks you have in craft alchemy.

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